Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ribbon Flower Earrings

So you may have already gotten the free ribbon flower tutorial from my website HowToMakeRibbonFlowers.com

I received an email the other day from someone expressing disappointment because the flowers were not small enough to make earrings from.

I hadn't thought about making earrings from fabric and ribbon flowers before. Can you make them small enough to make earrings from? I decided to try it and see.

I used the same ribbon flower as in the free tutorial from my site, but with a dime-sized piece of felt and a 13 in (33.02 cm) piece of ribbon. I cut the ribbon in half length-wise and made the crimps a lot closer together. You can probably use a slightly shorter piece of ribbon as I ended up cutting off the excess at the end. For more details on how to make the flower, you can get the free video tutorial from HowToMakeRibbonFlowers.com

What do you think? Too gaudy? Just right? Where would you wear these to and with what?

The pair with the yellow center ended up slightly smaller than the pair with the purple center. 


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